Music Club of Kingsville

September 17 Meeting

We have a new ship (see picture)
donated by Dr. and Mrs. Alberto Olivares!
Dr. Olivares became a new Music Club member at our meeting.

Before our meeting Kingsville Symphony Orchestra President, Therese Crocker, announces the new KSO season and tells us that those who purchase season tickets at our meeting will get a discount.

We get to meet KSO's new resident conductor, Veronica Salinas.

For our program we enjoy a lecture/slideshow given by James Tryer
about some of the early mechanical devices that produced music.

Some of the slides we saw.

An ornate 18th century singing bird music box/clock.

An 18th century Pallard music box, closed and open.

An 18th century large Haydn musical clock and a 19th century upright Symphonion.

A Steinway Welte player piano (open).

A 20th century Seeburg player piano, closed and open.

Happy Constitution Day from the Music Club of Kingsville!