Music Club of Kingsville

September 26 Meeting

We catch up on summer happenings

We say out pledges.

Carolyn Thompson shares some of her favorite poems with us for our new project


The first two poems she recites are from a book of poems she owns
Jimmy Stewart and His Favorite Poems, a collector's item!

Ode to Aging


And then a poem by Winston Churchill .

Attitude Is a Little Thing That Makes a Big Difference

Our President, Carole Geddes introduces our new members

Melissa Corcoran and Norma Boone

Then it is time for our "Welcome Back" dinner!


For a special program after our meal
Dr. Joachim Reinhuber,
Professor of Piano at TAMUK

presented a lecture on Ludwig van Beethoven's music
and performed one of Beethoven's piano sonatas.

Carole Geddes presented Dr. Reinhuber with a gift from the Music Club.

The Music Club
welcomes everyone back for the new season!